Welcome to Woodland Shores Baptist Church, a community of faith and grace in Bridgman serving Southwest Michigan.


Experience the joy of Sunday morning with people seeking to put truth and love into practice in their daily lives. 

You'll enjoy our Adult Bible Fellowship classes and teen and children's groups, and all the great friends that call Woodland Shores their southwest Michigan church home. 

Come help make us better! We would like to keep getting better at both truth and love, with the strong help of our Savior Jesus the Christ, the Lord of the church.

He Himself is the truth, and the source of love.


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We are enthusiastically united in building a biblical church for people who glorify God, follow Christ Jesus as Lord, and who still believe that in Him there is hope and healing.

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For more than 40 years, hundreds of your friends and neighbors have been part of this southwest Michigan church family.  For many, Woodland Shores was their first experience with Christianity that made sense and left them looking forward to coming back for more.  If asked why, they would likely tell you that the Worship Services are inspirational, biblical sermons speak to both mind and heart, the people are warm and welcoming, communities nearby are genuinely served, and we are passionate about outreach with the Gospel.

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Love Christ Jesus the Lord?  Want to explore God’s Word?  Don’t belong to a church? Take a few moments to look through our website, and consider visiting us soon.

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